Onsite Scanning and Support

Onsite Scanning and Support - ExhiVerse

Onsite Scanning and Support

At ExhiVerse, we understand that a smooth and efficient onsite experience is crucial to the success of any event or exhibition. That's why we offer Onsite Scanning and Support services, designed to simplify check-in and provide attendees with real-time assistance. Here's how our services can enhance your event:

Mobile Browser Accessible

Exhiverse’s scanning software can be accessed on any browser from any mobile phone so no need to download heavy applications again and again for any updates. Updates can be seen live on the software

Secure Login

Login based software to limit the use of software in order to keep the data secure and avoid data leakage. Only admin has the rights to create login id’s.


Organizer can select their hall if there are more than one hall, select activity type i.e. check-in or check-out and start scanning

On-Spot Registrations

On-spot registrations can be simply completed by taking visitor’s picture, select category, filling mandatory details like name, mobile number, email address and other as per requirement. As soon as form is submitted, visitor badge is ready to print.

Attendance Monitoring

Track progress with regards to number of badges scanned, category wise count, new registrations done. Also he can filter data via date & category to analyze the traffic. 

Your attendees deserve a seamless onsite experience, and we're here to make it happen!

Let's work together to elevate your event's onsite operations.

Our Onsite Scanning and Support services aim to optimize the check-in process, enhance security, and ensure a positive experience for both event organizers and attendees.

Onsite Scanning and Support

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